While many truss providers skip design elements to give you an artificially low price, we never take shortcuts that just end up costing you more in the long run. We build in key features like valley sets, hip gables, and corner jacks that others consider upgrades. This eliminates the need for additional onsite framing, cutting the extra material, time, and manpower required to get your job done right.

Our roof trusses and floor trusses are custom designed and manufactured right here in Maryland. The process starts with our professional wood truss design team. Our team goes beyond thinking about just the roof framing and provides whole-house value engineering, from below the floor to the roof and everything in between Our design team includes all the structural components including steel, i-joist, LVL, and rim board. Our design team knows the local building and energy codes, so every design is right the first time.

Each purchased truss package comes with detailed CAD setting plans that are color-coded and clearly labeled. Each truss is marked with corresponding codes so your job goes according to plan. If you need more help, you can download our guide to reading truss plans. We can provide 3D digital models of each project you can load on iPhone, iPad, PC, or Windows Phone. If you still have questions, each truss design is done by one of our local designers and we can have a quick call or sit down with you and review any concerns.

We understand how important quality is. Most truss manufactures use standard spruce/pine/fir (SPF) lumber. We only use southern yellow pine (SYP) lumber in our trusses which is structurally superior. We are a member of the Structural Building Components Association, formerly known as Wood Truss Council of America and participates in the Truss Plate Institute’s quality assurance program.

Field measuring services are available.

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